Hello! I am Kevin Magwood
Welcome to my corner of the Canadian Rockies! 
I am a creative freelancer living in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with my amazing little family. We are always going on adventures and my passion is creating art from those moments. Growing up I was always learning as much as I could about photography, videography and design from anyone and everyone I could. When my Grandfather handed down his Minolta XD-11 film camera to me when I was 12 that is when my interest in photography changed into something more. Since that moment I have always had some sort of camera with me. Living in a digital age there are so many different options to creating images as well as the editing of these images and videos gives us endless possibilities to make something original and unique. That being said I have a special place in my heart for analog media and have been collecting Cameras and Equipment ever since!
Beyond my passion for photography, my role as a dad is the most rewarding adventure of all. Watching my little family grow and explore this remarkable world together fills my heart with joy. We spend our time hiking in the mountains, camping under the stars, and enjoying the wonders of nature that amaze young and old alike.
My freelance journey grows so has the flexibility to enjoy living the life with my family while having a zealous and passionate attitude for my projects. I LOVE Creating all types of media and collaborating with businesses to help capture the VIBE of their brand! 
I can't wait to work together on something GREAT!